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Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training's HIMAX-Training program is based on the principles of High Intensity Training (H.I.T.), but it takes a step further to ensure to maximize overall fitness results. The basis of this philosophy is to work hard for a short period of time, then end your exercise session when you've done only the necessary amount of work, instead of adding in sets and exercises that aren't truly necessary. Yes, you do have to work hard to be successful in this program, but it's only because the
amount of exercise you actually do is limited. The idea is to spend
only enough time working out to elicit maximum results per unit of time. What separates HIMAX-Training is the fact it incorporates interval training into the strength training session in order to maximize your overall recovery ability, and burn the greatest amount of calories during your workout.

HIMAX-Training stands for High Intensity Maximal Anaerobic X (Cross)-Training. This exercise protocol has been developed by Mr. Rulo over the past seven years as a way to maximize the efficiency of one's exercise time. This protocol specifically addresses muscular strength, lactate threshold (the true indicator of fitness), and caloric expenditure. If your goals include improving your strength, getting into better overall shape, improving sport specific speed, or just to losing body fat; then the HIMAX-Training
system will help! Because Jason Rulo developed this incredibly efficient system, it's only available at Pinnacle Personal & Performance Training.

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What many people fail to realize is exercise follows the law of diminishing returns, which states that there is a point in which spending more time in the gym doesn't get you enough positive results to make it worth your while. Pinnacle's belief is that once you reach the beneficial peak then there is no reason to continue exercising because of the fact that intensity decreases as duration increases. As a patron of Pinnacle's program you will enjoy shorter workouts with better results. Each workout is intended to place an adequate stress (Overload) on the body in order to elicit the desired response. The
changes your body makes, in turn, improves your fitness level. 'Training induced physiologic changes depend
primarily on the intensity of the overload. Exercise intensity reflects both the caloric cost of the work and the specific energy systems activated, and intensity can be applied either on an absolute or a relative basis1.' This is why intensity is the cornerstone of the HIMAX-Training program.

Programs vaguely similar to Pinnacle's have been utilized effectively to improve athletic programs like Penn State and Michigan State, and professional teams such as the Toronto Raptors, and the Baltimore Ravens. This system isn't limited to competitive athletes, and Mr. Rulo has had the opportunity to implement his system for over 2,000 clients, male and female, of all ages and experience levels. The HIMAX-Training programs proved effective no matter the demographics of the client. "I have continued to effectively implement my program in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. Now I'm happy to be able to distribute Pinnacle's highly effective system to the masses via the Internet. All programs are personalized, but all follow certain basic principles that help standardize their effectiveness, no matter the client's goal."

1 McArdle, W. Katch, F. Katch, V. Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance. Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1986. pg. 356.

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The goal of Pinnacle's sports performance program is to maximize physical qualities needed for optimal athletic performance and injury prevention. Simply put, athletes want to perform at their best from start to finish each contest, over an entire season, and throughout their playing careers without incurring injury setbacks. Other programs
that address this can be complicated, time-consuming, and unproductive, but the Pinnacle program simplifies the process by focusing on the alterable physical qualities to assure time-efficiency and measurable results. The bottom line is following Pinnacle's program makes sense and optimally prepares you for the rigors of competition.

Program components:

1. Progressive strength training. The benefits of increasing muscular strength are numerous. Increasing over-all body strength will improve your potential to exert maximum strength, explosive power and muscular endurance during competition.
It will also assist in improving running speed, agility, body composition (body fat levels), and injury prevention. We utilize a variety of intensity-based protocols for both in-season and out-of-season programs.

2. Sport-related conditioning. Fatigue can inhibit maximum skill performance and increase the risk of injury, especially in the latter stages of competitions and important contests at the end of the season. Being in top condition is therefore vital. The Pinnacle program addresses the energy demands required for your sport by using various interval runs, speed &, agility drills, and sport-specific activities to improve your ability to work at a high level the entire contest. Numerous methods can be used to get you “in shape,” but the closer you can replicate work demands of your sport during conditioning training, the greater the transfer to the sport.

3. Flexibility. All other factors being equal, applying muscular force over the greatest range of joint motion can improve power output during skill execution. Therefore, maximizing one's inherent flexibility can be beneficial. One's joint flexibility is contingent
upon skeletal muscle origins and insertions, body composition, and to some extent activity level. Some athletes are quite flexible while others are not. Whatever your level, it can be maximized by emphasizing full range of motion strength training exercises
and performing basic pre- and post-workout safe static-stretching exercises. An inordinate amount of time spent on static stretching is normally not necessary unless there is a specific need for it.

4. Nutrition. Nutritional intake can have a significant impact on your performance potential as it can both positively and negatively effect body composition, energy levels during training and competition, and the ability to grow muscle and build strength. Following a sensible nutrition plan is therefore very important. The Pinnacle program offers advice and guidelines for adhering to a proper food intake plan to optimize your training results. If one eats sensibly from healthy products obtained at the local grocery store, it will augment their training and recovery so expensive nutritional supplements are really not necessary (note: anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, and other illegal and dangerous androgenic aids are not part of the Pinnacle program).

Benefits of the Pinnacle program components:

Strength training:

> Increased muscular strength               > Increased muscular power

> Increased muscular endurance             > Increased muscle size

> Improved running speed                     > Improved agility

> Assists in body fat reduction               > Reduced injury risk


> Improved endurance                           > Improved running speed

> Improved agility                                > Improved reaction/quickness

> Assists in body fat reduction               > Reduced injury risk


> Improved force production potential

> Improved skill execution

> Reduced injury risk


> Maximizes muscle strength                > Maximizes muscle size

> Assists in body fat reduction              > Improved endurance

> Assists in recovery time


       Along with the workout program, you will receive tips on how to modify your diet to maximize your results. No, you won't find the Atkins Diet® here. What you will receive are practical ideas and examples that will help make eating a healthy diet easier. Incidentally,
diet is defined as food and drink regularly consumed. Nowhere does it state a diet is a food program designed for weight loss. Diet is merely what you eat. Your trainer will teach you how to make proper food choices and what proper portion sizes are. You will also learn how to eat to help control your cravings and to keep you from
sabotaging your fitness goals by eating the wrong foods and the wrong portion sizes.

Many books, videos, and weight-loss centers make eating properly seem very complicated when it is actually very simple. However, this doesn't mean that it's easy. People are more educated about proper eating now than ever before, however; nearly 70% of Americans are overweight. Most people eat by convenience, and eating healthy is usually less convenient than eating the wrong things, so people don't eat right. Pinnacle will take the headache and heartache out of healthy eating and help you get on the
right track. Once you get used to eating right, it becomes a habit. When someone reaches this point then diet is no longer much of a problem. This is my goal for each and every Pinnacle client.

"At Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training you won't find a 'magic bullet' to being fit, eating right and losing, or gaining weight. It's all about guidance, hard work and the application of proven principles to help you reach you fitness goals. Try the program. Follow our guidelines. You will see results2, that's my GUARANTEE!

-Jason Rulo  CSCS, CISSN, HFS

1 Pinnacle trainers are not a nutritionists, nor a dietitians. Pinnacle claims no official recognition of dietary expertise.
2 Results vary by individual. It is implied that you will see positive changes toward your goals if the program is followed completely. If you do all that's asked of you and don't show improvements toward your goals after the initial 90 days,
then your money will not only be refunded but we will buy you two sessions with a personal trainer elsewhere.