When you sign up with Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training's online program you
receive a comprehensive fitness and diet program that includes the following:

Personalized workout routine that utilizes a PDF workout card,
which is viewable with Adobe's free
Acrobat Reader. This card,
along with the workout principles, will guide you through the
workouts. The combination of the workout cards and principles
help to control each workout to ensure their effectiveness.
You will also be provided with information on proper warm-up,
cool-down, and stretching procedures.


Information to assist you in getting the most out of your
cardiovascular workouts and a PDF cardio card to allow you to
keep track of your cardiovascular workouts.


A copy of Strength Training Anatomy (This is the purpose of the
$20 signup fee. It will be shipped to you). A comprehensive book
listing exercises for various body-parts, their function and how to
perform the proper technique for each exercise.


A complete diet critique that includes tips on how to optimize
your diet goals. You will be taught how to eat to ensure you
reach your goals and be given information on what makes up a
proper nutritional program.


You will be assigned to a trainer and given their personal email address
which gives you
UNLIMITED access to him/her for any questions
you may have.  


In addition, you will receive information and updates via Yahoo
Instant Messenger, and Web Chat sessions on Pinnacle's private
chat room. The chat sessions will occur once each month, and
each client will be informed about dates and time. These services
make Pinnacle unique and are free with every membership
because we feel it is imperative to provide time for clients to have
live interaction with their trainer and with each other.


REMEMBER!! Pinnacle's program is backed by a 100% Money
Back Guarantee
,2 so there is no need to worry about this investment.
In addition, after your initial six months, you only pay on a
month-to-month basis, and there are are no strings attached.
How's that for confidence?!!!


The cost of the Pinnacle Personal and Performance Training program
is $35/ month plus a one-time $20 startup fee (initial 6 months + $20
startup fee = $230). This includes all aspects of the program. The
current average for a traditional personal training session is $60/ session.
Pinnacle's online rate is
half that for the whole month and includes
unlimited contact with your trainer.


For those of you who live in the St. Louis, MO, area: and are in need of
traditional personal training then Pinnacle's trainers are available for
personal fitness and sports performance training. For information about
traditional training and rates

1Mr. Rulo is not a nutritionist, nor a dietitian. Pinnacle claims no official recognition of dietary expertise.
2Individual results may vary, but if the online program is fully completed for the initial ninety days and no results toward your goals are evident, then a full refund will be applied, minus the $20 startup fee.

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